Rent Smarter 

Introducing tlyfe

The UKs tenant lifecycle app, taking the stress out of renting and providing support when you need it most!

Improve Your Credit Score

Keep Your Valuables Protected

A small price to pay for big protection. Contents insurance to put your mind at peace.

Keep an ongoing digital record of your rental payments and help to build your credit score.

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Introducing tlyfe

The only tenant ID and passport that you will ever need!

We are excited to bring you the free all new tlyfe app, an exclusive for TDS members. 

tlyfe, powered by OpenBrix, is the UK’s most innovative tenant lifecycle app, taking the stress out of the move in process and helping to manage the entire lifecycle of your tenancy. 

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Additional features of the app include the following:

Auto Document Storage

Verified Digital ID

Protect Your Deposit

Quick, secure and simple digital verification, giving you complete control.

View and manage your TDS deposit on the go.

No more losing important documents - tlyfe stores your essential paperwork in a secure and accessible location.

Get Yourself ‘Rent Ready’

Interactive Move In Process 

Competitive Loans

Looking for your next rental property? Our pre-qualification tool gives you the best chance of securing your next home by making the application process smoother than ever.

Confused and worried about what to do and when in the move in process? With our interactive step-by-step guide, we will help you and your agent through every step of the process.

Need a little support when settling into your new home? tlyfe offers competitive loans to help you make a smooth transition.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Who are OpenBrix?

OpenBrix are a technology start-up who TDS have partnered with to launch tlyfe, the tenant lifecycle app.


Do you share data with OpenBrix?

We do not share any personal data with OpenBrix. You register with tlyfe separately and have full control over your data and account.


What is tlyfe?

tlyfe is a fully portable tenant lifecycle app which allows you to manage your deposit.


I am already signed up with the TDS App – do I have to register for tlyfe?

Yes, you will need to register because TDS will be moving your deposit management to tlyfe.


I can’t find my deposit, what can I do?

You need to enter the exact amount stated on the tenancy agreement, e.g. £1,153.84. If you can’t remember, check your tenancy agreement.


I don’t have a copy of my tenancy agreement

If you can’t find a copy of your tenancy agreement, ask your agent or landlord to provide a copy. Also, ask them to provide a copy of your deposit protection certificate, which will also hold all the information you need. TIP, save a copy of your tenancy agreement and your deposit protection certificate to your document storage facility in tlyfe for easy reference.


I am already in the process of raising a dispute – do I have to start again?

No, all your details and case history will be retained; you just need to register and then login via tlyfe to gain access.


What is the difference between the Insured and Custodial schemes?

Insured Scheme – the agent or landlord holds the deposit for the term of the tenancy, and your money is protected by an insurance policy.

Custodial Scheme – your deposit is transferred to TDS, who hold it for the term of your tenancy.


Why can’t I manage my deposit if it is in an Insured Scheme?

In the first instance, you should agree the return of the deposit and any deductions with your agent or landlord direct. If you can’t agree on the deductions, click here to follow the process for raising a dispute.

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